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In the market battle that exists between all the different manufacturers of wood pellet grills and smokers, two names that you’ll keep coming across are Traeger and Green Mountain.

GMG prides itself on making models named after southern icons, while Traeger makes larger and smaller model that let you smoke and bake.

We found the top three products from each company and compared the features that each company offers to help you find a great grill and smoker.

The best all-around option in our opinion is the: Pro Series 34 Blue (Check Price on Amazon.com)


Top Traeger Products


Pro Series 34 Blue

1. Pro Series 34 Blue (Check Price on Amazon.com)

The battle between Traeger and Green Mountain should start with the Pro Series 34 , which comes in a blue finish and is the top selling model from the company.

This model has a firebox with a digital controller for adjusting the heat, which adjusts the temperature inside and the heat of the wood pellets. The blue finish on the lid pairs nicely with the black finish used on the rest of the model.



Other features include an auger that automatically feeds the pellets through as needed and both grates and a drip tray inside. The hopper holds 18 pounds of pellet and provides more than enough smoke for a whole rack of ribs.

Its inside, which has more than 800 square inches of surfaces for cooking, has two meat probes that you can use to test the internal temperature of your meats.



Pro Series Wood

2. Pro Series Wood (Check Prize on Amazon.com)

The Pro Series Wood is a little different than the top model and features almost 900 square inches in total of cooking space inside.

Suitable for a steak or some burgers, this model can reach a temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for baking and braising dishes. Its hopper can hold well over 10 pounds of pellets and has its own door that makes cleaning it out easier.



A thermostat controller on the firebox lets you select a temperature anywhere between the minimum of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum setting.

As the auger automatically adds more pellets as needed, you can leave without worrying about temperature fluctuations.


Bronson 20

3. Bronson 20 (Check Price on Amazon.com) 

Though most Traeger are large enough for use in cooking competitions or for feeding a large group, the Bronson 20 has a smaller design that apartment and small home dwellers will appreciate.

With an area that measures 300 square inches in size, it is still large enough for most home chefs.



Don’t let the small size of the Bronson 20 fool you though. This pellet model relies on hardwood pellets to smoke foods and give ingredients the rich flavor that you want.

It comes with the same automatic auger and digital thermostat controller as its big brothers do too.


Top Green Mountain Products


Davy Crockett


1. Davy Crockett (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Though the Davy Crockett isn’t the biggest or most expensive model that GMG makes, it is the most popular model and the only one that you can pick up online without a trip to an expensive specialty store.

The Davy Crockett comes with two adapters that let you connect it to a car’s cigarette lighter or plug it into different types of outlets. You can use the two handles to carry it or fold the metal down to turn the handles into legs.


This is one of the only unit you’ll find with Wi-Fi capabilities too.

You can use Wi-Fi and Sense-Mate, which has a thermal sensor inside it, to monitor the cooking temperature. Green Mountain lets you use an app to access your grill.


2. David Bowie

GMG named the David Bowie after one of the most famous men of the west in history, and it has a classic design that resembles the Bowie himself used back in the day. Its inside is large enough to cook up to six beef briskets or 10 or more rib racks.

Open flame technology helps you cook foods closer to the heat and right on top of the flame, and a grease tray in the bottom of it catches all the grease and other cooking liquids that come off your foods. At more than 180 pounds, this model is best for home use only.



Daniel Boone


3. Daniel Boone (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Another Green Mountain product that you can use for cooking at home is the Daniel Boone, which comes with either a stainless-steel lid that forms a tight seal and won’t warp or a black lid that matches the grill.

This model has around 450 square inches of interior space and multiple racks for cooking dishes at the right temperature.


An attached firebox works with a digital controller to let you turn the grill on and adjust the heat. A built-in sensor forces the auger to light and move the pellets to supply the necessary heat. Its pellet hopper holds up to 17 pounds of hardwood pellets too.



Who Wins as Our Most Favorite Model?

Deciding which company makes the perfect grill and smoker is hard at first glance because both brands share so many things in common. It’s almost impossible to find a model that doesn’t come with an automatic auger or a digital controller. Those two parts work together to supply a constant source of heat and smoke.

Even if you look at size, you’ll find that the two companies make grills around the same size. The Pro Series line from Traeger includes larger grills for feeding the crowd at your home, though you can find smaller models for tailgating and camping. The Davy Crockett from GMG lets you cook and smoke on the go because you can connect it to an app on your phone.

When it comes down to a final decision though, we had to pick Traeger as the winning company because of its great features. Pro Series 34 Blue (Check Price on Amazon.com) makes multiple grills to fit all types of chefs that you can buy online, while Green Mountain limits the options available to.

Pro Series 34 Blue

(Check Price on Amazon.com)