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We have reviewed our top 15 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:
Here’s our top choice: Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Searing BBQ Model PS9900


Hollow 4-in-1 LP Searing BBQ Grill Model PS9900

Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Searing BBQ Model PS9900 (Check Price on


As a home chef who wants to experiment and try new things, you need a smoker that you can set up and use right on your patio, porch, deck or even in your yard. A combination charcoal and gas model lets you use both heat sources to smoke meats at the same time that you grill.

The best thing about these smokers is that you can adjust the smoke and heat level to get a richer and smokier flavor or to enjoy the natural flavor of the meat. The best combination that we found is the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Searing BBQ Model PS9900.

This model has a cooking surface large enough that it can accommodate up to 20 hamburgers or more than 30 hot dogs. With its attached smoker, you can make smoked meats any time that you want and regulate the temperature of that meat at the same time that you whip up and grill dishes for a crowd.


What is the Perfect Model for you? 


Even if you know that you want a gas and charcoal smoker rather than an electric smoker (, you still need to know which features stand out among the top models and which of those features you need.



High-end smokers are competition grillers that will help you stand out when competing in barbecue events. For home use, including grillers that you use for family dinner and weekend parties, you can afford to spend a little less and still get the quality that you want.


Dry or Wet Heat

Dry heat is a cooking process that slowly infuses your meat with flavor from the dried wood that you add and heat. Wet heat smokers use a pan of water that helps push that smoke into the meat.

Both options are good, but you may find that you like the thicker bark that forms on meat used in a dry griller or the juiciness of meats cooked in a wet heat smoker.



The problem with competition models is that those smokers require a lot of maintenance, including regular cleaning of all areas inside. With smaller models designed for home use, you can wipe off the doors and inside pieces and wash the cooking area without doing a lot of other maintenance.



Smokers now come in both vertical and horizontal designs. Vertical models, also called upright smokers, are easy to use and let you stack your meat on different shelves inside, but with a horizontal griller, you lay your meat flat across a metal grill. Horizontal models usually take up more space than vertical models.



You also need to think about the general shape of the griller. A barrel model, also known as a drum smoker, is easy to use and requires that you put the wood in the very bottom. Cabinet smokers are much larger and have a door that you can open for checking on your meat.



Cast iron is a great material used in the construction of smokers. This durable material regulates the temperature well and keeps the smoke from escaping. You’ll also find grillers made from heavy-duty stainless steel that are a little lighter.


Adjustable Shelves

Unless you plan on smoking the same things day in and day out, you should look for a griller that comes with adjustable shelves inside. You can raise and lower those shelves to gain more space for racks of ribs and larger casserole dishes.


Charcoal, Gas or Both?

Charcoal smokers function in the same way that charcoal grills do and lightly infuse the meat with a charcoal flavor. If you prefer that the true flavor of the meat shines through, you may prefer a model that uses gas heat. Some models let you use both models to smoke dishes.



A good option for those who want to grill and smoke at the same time is an off-set smoker. These models come with a large barbecue area in the center of the grill and a smaller smoker that sits off to one side. You can smoke meats, grill dishes or use both the smoker and the grill at the same time.



Top Rated Models on the Market


There is no doubt that this Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Searing BBQ Model PS9900 rolls over all the competition when it comes to gas and charcoal grillers. With its larger cooking surface, you can make up to 20 hamburgers at the same time or a combination of all your favorite dishes.

It features an area dedicated to propane cooking and an area dedicated to grilling cooking that you can use separately or together to please all your dinner guests. The attached griller makes it easier than ever to whip up delicious smoked ribs, chicken and even seafood.

This model looks like a small box that sits on one side or end of it. Not only does this smoker use both wood and charcoal, but it also comes with a handle on the outside that you can use to ensure that the heat from that wood slowly flavors your dishes.

Smoke Hollow gives you lots of convenient features like gliding wheels and built-in storage. Those wheels are strong enough to move across almost any surface with ease.

Thanks to four built-in storage racks, you’ll have extra space for prepped ingredients, serving dishes, utensils and all your other cooking supplies and tools.



Whip up enough food to feed even the largest of crowds without breaking a sweat with this Smoke Hollow 8500 LP with Firebox. With four different cooking areas across the front, this provides you with all the space that you need.

It even has a wire grate storage area underneath it for pots, pans and other supplies. Smoke Hollow calls this model an outdoor kitchen because it comes with all the features of an outdoor kitchen like a separate burner one end that has its own adjustable flame.

When you lift either of the two lids in the center of the grill, you’ll find one large cooking area right on top of the flames and a smaller grate that sits away from the flames for indirect cooking. Controls, knobs and levers on the front let you increase and decrease the heat as well as change how close the grates sit to the flames.

Those who love smoking will like the included firebox on one side, which features its own cast-iron grate and lid. You can put foods directly on top of that grate for cooking over smoke, or you can drop the grate down and close the lid for more traditional smoking.



Make dishes that everyone in your family will love with this Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Combo, which has a cooking surface that measures more than 1,000-square inches in size.

The main cooking area, which measures 750-square inches, features cast-iron cooking grates with a porcelain enamel coating that reduces the time you spend cleaning up and lets you get those great grill marks on meats and vegetables.

A small burner on one end is perfect for cooking a quick side dish for dinner too.

To smoke dishes, use the attached firebox on the opposite end, which gives you more than 300-square inches of cooking space. This firebox lets you use wood chips or charcoal for slowly cooking meats at a low temperature to give those meats a rich and smoky flavor.

Vents on the side of the firebox easily slide open and close based on how much air you want to add.

This mode; also comes with features like two straight legs and two wheeled legs to let you lift and roll the grill to a new spot on your patio. A cut-out in the base holds your propane tank in place, and nearby is some extra storage and a metal storage rack.



Char-Griller gives you a wide cooking area and one of the largest attached smokers we saw in this 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal.

It comes with an electronic ignition system that makes turning on the propane a snap and three separate burners across the middle of the grill that you can set to the same temperature or different temperature via the knobs on the front.

You’ll also find grates placed different distances away from the heat for direct and indirect cooking.

A simple propane tank provides heat for both those burners as well as a side burner that has its own knob, making it perfect for warming up your sauce or making a quick side dish.

The base of the model, which has two rolling legs and two straight legs, also has an open area for storage. A built-in metal rack on the base is just the right size for grilling accessories.

The firebox on the end of this model lets you smoke all the ingredients you want to smoke. A temperature knob on the front helps you keep an eye on the temperature for even smoking. They added a removable pan that collects ashes for easy dumping too.



With 1,260-square inches of cooking space, this Trio Gas/Charcoal is just the right size for any house party. That cooking space includes both the main cooking area in the center, which you can use for cooking with both gas and charcoal, as well as the cooking area available in the attached firebox smoker.

The cast-iron grates feature a porcelain enamel coating that gives meats a good sear but keeps those meats from sticking to the grill.

A 12,000 BTU side burner features a brass construction that regulates the temperature you select via the knob on the front. This burner lets you cook a side dish at a lower temperature while you grill meat for a group.

The base of the model comes with a cut-out spot for your propane tank, a line for connecting that tank to the grill and lots of storage.

Create all the rich and smoky dishes that you crave in the attached firebox, which comes with a heavy-duty steel exterior that regulates the temperature inside and a cast-iron grate that keeps your food away from the ash. When you need to clean the firebox, simply slide open the bottom drawer and dump the ash inside.




Smoky Mountain Bravo Premium 26


6. Smoky Mountain Bravo Premium 26″ (Check Price on

Though many of these combo models are great for those who want to grill with propane and smoke with charcoal, this Smoky Mountain Bravo Premium 26” is best for those who love the flavor that charcoal leaves behind in ingredients.
This model doesn’t let you hook up a propane tank, but it comes with some features that are similar to those used on commercial or professional smokers. It has one large central cooking area with a steel lid that closes to lock in the heat, and a metal handle on that door remains cool during cooking.
Two large metal doors underneath the cooking grate open to let you add in more charcoal or to check on your charcoal level.
Underneath those doors is a drawer that holds all the ash produced by the charcoal, which opens to let you empty that ash easily. You’ll also find an attached burner with more than 200-square inches of cooking space and its own control knob.
The attached griller, which works with both wood chips and charcoal, has a knob that you can turn to mix up the ashes inside and vents for changing the airflow inside. You’ll also find a grate made from porcelain and cast iron inside the smoker as well as an ash collection drawer.


Create dishes that anyone who loves smoke will love inside this Weber 721001 Smoky Mountain 18-Inch. Though this model does not have connections for hooking up a propane tank, it’s one of the outstanding charcoal models that you’ll find today.

Its bullet design features a domed top that ensures the smoke produced in the bottom moves throughout the entire inside and that the smoke reaches all areas of your food.

The base of this model features a cast-iron grill and a small metal pan that holds your charcoal, though you can also add some wood chips to impart a smokier flavor in your food.

It also comes with a larger pan with its own grate that you can fill with water, wood chips or a combination of wood and water. As the heat from the charcoal rises, it pushes the smoke around the two included adjustable shelves, and you can also use just one of those shelves for a larger cut of meat.

Small metal legs support the smoker and elevate it off the ground to prevent accidents caused by its high heat.

The model comes with a heat dial on the front for checking the temperature and a small door that opens for checking on the charcoal.



Though the DGB730SNB-D may not look like your standard or traditional smoker, this Dual Fuel is perfect for those who like cooking and smoking with both propane and charcoal.

This model essentially looks like two separate grills put together, and each side lets you cook a different dish and get complete control over everything placed inside. The charcoal side even comes with a built-in gauge that helps you keep track of the temperature and vents that you can open or close to adjust the amount of smoke inside.

With 952-square inches of cooking space, this model is perfect for feeding a crowd because it lets you cook nearly 40 hamburgers at the same time.

Dyna-Glo used a commercial-grade of stainless steel in its burners, which retains heat better and helps those burners last longer. An enamel coating added to the cast-iron grates keeps your food from sticking to the grates and gives meats a nice sear.

Unlike other gas model that are difficult to light, this model comes with an electronic pulse ignition system that lets you push one button to turn it on and light it. It also comes with a handle for slowly turning the flames on the charcoal side and lots of storage underneath.



If you love smoking meats at home but live in an apartment with a small patio or a home with limited outdoor space, you’ll love this 2-2424 Table Top Charcoal and Side Fire Box combo from Char-Griller, which you can use on almost any table or even right on the ground.

This model comes with small metal legs that elevate the smoker and keep it from melting or burning things nearby. It also features a wood handle on the front that remains cool to the touch, even when the temperature inside is high.

Designed for use in the type of smoking that is popular in Texas, this table top model has a cast-iron grate inside that you can remove for adding in your own charcoal, wood chips or a combination of both. Made from heavy-duty steel, the firebox itself retains heat for hours.

A drawer on the bottom slides open to make removing and dumping the ash inside easy.

Though it comes with standard smoker vents on one side and 250-square inches of cooking space, this one ranks lower on our list because you cannot use it with propane. While you can use it as-is, you can also attach this model to many grills from Char-Griller.



Hollow 3500

10. Hollow 3500 (Check Price on

Smoke Hollow has a good reputation among smoking enthusiasts, which is why we added this smaller smoker grill with an attached side burner to our list of the perfect gas and charcoal models.

That side burner has its own adjustable knob on the front that lets you raise and lower the heat when keeping sauces warm or cooking side dishes. A cover drops down to keep that burner hidden when not in use.

Three stainless-steel burners provide up to 10,000 BTUS, and dependable grates add a deep sear to all your favorite meats.

The combination of the two cooking areas gives you more than 800-square inches of usable space, and one side relies on propane while the other uses charcoal. You can use the knobs on the propane side to adjust the heat, and the charcoal side has an adjustable lever for shifting your coals for smooth and even cooking.

Its attached smoker is large enough for cooking an entire chicken or other smaller dishes. The model features cast-iron grates, a lid that snaps down to lock in the smoker and a vent that opens and closes to let in more or less air as well as a small knob for adjusting the wood inside.



Char-Broil is back on our list with its Deluxe Gas & Charcoal Combo , which features 505-square inches of cooking space inside. Steel double doors on this grill feature a painted black surface that won’t chip or flake off, even if you leave the grill outside for the winter or on rainy days.

That steel does a good job of insulating and trapping the heat inside for more even cooking.

Each door protects and covers a separate chamber area or chamber. The chamber regulated by propane has three burners and three knobs on the front that control each of those burners.

Char-Broil added everything you need to hook up that tank, including a cut-out that holds the tank and a gas line, except for the tank itself.

The charcoal chamber is perfect for using as a smoker because this chamber has a heavy-duty steel door that traps the smoke inside and a dial in the center of that door that shows you the exact temperature of the chamber. It comes with an access door that lets you add more charcoal without opening the main door and letting the heat out as well as a sliding drawer for accessing and dumping the ash from the bottom.



Though this Char-Broil Charcoal Gas Hybrid isn’t a traditional smoker, it comes with features that let you use it like a smoker. When you lift the lid, you’ll find a metal pan or tray inside that you can use when using the grill with propane power.

It comes with a spot in the back that can hold your tank and a line for easily connecting the tank to the grill.

When you remove that metal pan though, you’ll find room for adding in your own charcoal briquettes when using this as a charcoal model. If you want to smoke meats and other ingredients, you can actually add in the charcoal and some wood chips, put your ingredients on the attached racks, close the lid and let those ingredients slowly cook over a low heat.

A small temperature dial on the very front shows you the current temperature inside, which you can use when deciding whether to add more wood chips or let in more air.

If you use this as a standard grill, you’ll love having having an ignition button and individual knobs on the front for controlling the heat.

Char-Broil designed this model to save space and added two wheels for better portability.



We included a few purely gas models on our list for those like this Smoke Hollow 3615GW who prefer the natural flavor of meat to the flavors left behind by wood and charcoal.

This smoker comes with three shelves coated in a chrome material that fit inside, and you have the option of using all three or adjusting just one or two shelves. It also comes with two pans coated in a porcelain enamel that fit into the bottom for your water and any wood you might use.

The stainless-steel burner works with the ignition button for ease of use.

Once you connect a propane tank to the included gas line, you can turn the knob on that tank, press that button and watch as the smoker springs to life. You can then use the temperature knob on the bottom to increase the temperature and produce the smoke necessary for flavoring your dishes.

This model has enough space inside for almost any type of meat, including large turkeys or chickens and entire racks of ribs. Not only does it come with a temperature dial on the front, but it also has a large window on the front that lets you view the dishes inside.



Though we added this Outsunny Backyard Charcoal w/ Wheels to our list, we put it near the bottom because it isn’t nearly as strong and dependable as some of the other models we spotted.

It comes with two straight metal legs that lack any base or feet, which may make it stick in your lawn, and two wheeled legs don’t roll as easily across some surfaces as other wheeled legs do.

This smoker also comes with less storage on the bottom and no side burner.

That lack of storage may not bother you, but keep in mind that you may not have room for anything except your propane tank. It does have one small shelf on the side and a second longer shelf on the front, and while we like the look of the wood shelving, there is a chance that the front shelf may get in your way as you try to cook.

Though this model only works with charcoal and wood chips and not propane, it does come with wood handles that stay cool as you smoke and a dial that shows you the temperature inside.

In addition to the main charcoal grill, this model comes with a small attached firebox for smoking. This firebox has a drawer for emptying out collected ash and a cast-iron grate that elevates your food above the smoke.




Masterbuilt 20050116 Portable


15. Masterbuilt 20050116 Portable  (Check Price on

When you want to smoke away from home, you need a smaller model like this Masterbuilt 20050116, which is so lightweight that you can store in your car. This is a great smoker for taking to tailgating parties at the stadium and on camping trips with your family.

It has a 5,000 BTU burner made from stainless steel inside and can work with any one-pound propane tank, or you can purchase an adapter for using it with a 20-pound tank.

The door, which has a temperature dial on the front, opens to reveal a large smoking area with enough space for using it with both a water pan and a separate pan for your wood chips. Small hairpin legs on the bottom are strong enough to support the weight of both the smoker and any dishes inside. Those legs fold up to reduce the size of the smoker when storing it or taking it with you.

Though this Masterbuilt smoker may not be the best option for those smoking at home or in competitions, it’s great for use away from home.

It weighs less than 25 pounds and has enough space for racks of ribs and other larger cuts of meat.




Our Most Favorite 


Hollow 4-in-1 LP Searing BBQ Grill Model PS9900

(Check Price on


The Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 LP Searing BBQ Model PS9900 (Check Price on is easily the excellent gas and charcoal model on the market today. Though Smoke Hollow made our list multiple times, this model comes with the largest cooking surface, which can hold up to 20 burger patties. You can use it as a traditional charcoal  or a gas and make dishes in the off-set smoker at the same time.

With lots of built-in storage, you’ll never run out of room for your tools and accessories. This model comes with two open and wired shelves underneath one grill and two built-in shelves with backs beneath the second grill area. Rolling casters on the bottom of the grill help you move it across your yard, patio or deck.

The off-set smoker, which sits on one side of the grill, uses a combination of wood and charcoal to give dishes cooked in here the maximum amount of flavor possible.