We have reviewed our top 15 choices below and also done in-depth reviews by brands, but if you are in a rush:

Here’s our top choice: Smoke Hollow D4015B Tronix 40″ Digital with Bluetooth (View on

Smoking is one of the oldest and most popular cooking methods of all time. This simple process uses extreme heat to produce smoke from wood chips, and that smoke then preserves, cooks and flavors any ingredients placed inside the smoker. Electric smokers plug into any outlet and smolder the wood to produce that smoke.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at electric smokers is that these appliances do not add as much smoky flavor to your meats and vegetables as those that use charcoal or propane do. Electric smokers only heat the wood enough to make it smolder and produce gas, but the electric smokers do a good job of ensuring that meat and other ingredients cook all the way through.

On our hunt for the best electric smoker, we quickly came across the Smoke Hollow D4015B Tronix 40″ Digital with Bluetooth, which is our number one choice. This smoker hooks up to any Bluetooth device and lets you use an app to control the smoker while away from home. See how the Tronix stacks up to the competition with a look at the top electric smokers now available.

Top Rated 15 Electric

ProductImageReview Score 
Smoke Hollow D4015B Tronix 40" Digital with Bluetooth9.9Check Price on Amazon
Bradley Digital 4-Rack 9.8Check Price on Amazon
Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric 9.7Check Price on Amazon
Masterbuilt 20077116 4-Rack Digital Electric with Leg Kit Cover and Gloves9.6Check Price on Amazon
Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric 9.5Check Price on Amazon
Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS Digital Electric with Window9.5Check Price on Amazon
Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Roaster 9.4Check Price on Amazon
Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital 14909.3Check Price on Amazon
Char-Broil Digital Electric with SmartChef Technology9.2Check Price on Amazon
Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric 9Check Price on Amazon
Char-Broil Vertical Electric 8.9Check Price on Amazon
Landmann USA 32948 Smoky Mountain Electric 8.8Check Price on Amazon
Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load 8.6Check Price on Amazon
Southern Country 2 in 1 Electric Water 8.5Check Price on Amazon
Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet 8.3Check Price on Amazon

How to Choose the Ultimate Electric Meat Smoking Machine

Don’t assume that buying an electric smoker requires setting a budget and finding one that fits within your budget. There are many other factors to consider before making your purchase beyond price.

Cooking Space

The first thing to consider is the amount of cooking space offered by that smoker. If you have a small family and rarely smoke, you can get by with a model that has 100 to 200 square inches of cooking space. For larger groups, you need 300 to 500 square inches or more of cooking space.

Ease of Use

The easier that smoker is to use, the more you’ll actually use it. Look over the dials and controls to get an idea of how it works to ensure that you pick one you can understand. Expensive and pro smokers come with so many settings and controls that you may feel your head spinning.

Digital Controls vs. Knobs

Many older and less expensive electric smokers use simple knobs that you turn to make adjustments to the cooking time, temperature and other settings. Some of the more expensive models that you see come with digital controls. Digital controls are easier to use and may offer more accurate settings too.

Number of Racks

Depending on what you want to smoke, you may need to look at the number of racks that come with the smoker and whether those racks are adjustable. Most models come with at least three racks, but some smokers come with four to six racks. Adjustable shelves are best because you can move those shelves when smoking larger cuts of meat.

Internal Temperature Probe

Electric smokers that come with an internal temperature probe are popular with serious smokers. This probe can fit directly inside a cut of meat and tell you the exact temperature inside, which lets you know when to stop smoking. Most let you view the temperature on the door of the smoker without actually opening that door.


The overall weight of the smoker will tell you how easily you can move it. Though some models weigh 100 pounds or less, others can weigh several hundred pounds. If you buy a heavier model, look for one that comes with wheels.

Viewing Window

Depending on the type of meat that you smoke, you might give some thought to a smoker with a built-in viewing window on the front. This window, which can run almost the entire length and width of the door, lets you check on the meat and see when to turn certain cuts or when to increase or decrease the heat.

Remote Control

If you spend a lot of time smoking but don’t want to constantly stand outside and monitor that smoker, look for one that comes with a remote control. This remote lets you turn on the smoker from inside your home or across your lawn.


Electric smokers use less smoke to cook ingredients and may not add as much rich and smoky flavor as you would like, which is why you should only buy a model with a good warranty. That warranty should cover all parts of the smoker and last for at least one full year after your purchase date.

Top Rated on the Market

As one of the only companies that makes propane, charcoal and electric smokers, Smoke Hill has a great reputation among smokers, but we think its D4015B Tronix 40” Digital Smoker with Bluetooth is the best model it currently makes.

This smoker comes with four adjustable shelves inside that can hold entire chickens, turkeys, rib racks and other larger cuts, and the 40-inch tall cabinet has 4.5 cubic feet of usable space. As it features dual elements inside, the Tronix is one of the only models that you can use for both cold and hot smoking.

One of the two drawers on the front slides open and lets you add in your favorite wood chips or a mixture of wood, and it has a separate hole on one side for pouring in the perfect amount of water. Chrome platting adding to the racks inside keep your food from sticking to the metal during longer smoke times. It even comes with a fast smoke setting that gets the wood smoking in just 15 minutes.

The best feature of the Tronix is that it comes with an app you can download to your phone or tablet. With that app, you can check in on the temperature and other settings and make changes to the smoker from anywhere.

2. Bradley Digital 4-Rack

Bradley is a name that many smoking enthusiasts know, and the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker is easily one of the best electric smokers around.

This smoker has a design that practically lets you set it and forget it because it has an electronic system that lets it add in more wood as needed. With just one batch of wood added, this model can smoke meats and other ingredients for up to eight full hours.

The four cooking racks inside have a special chrome coating that is resistant to stains and keeps meat, seafood and other ingredients from sticking to the metal.

Bradley also designed this model to include an interior made from stainless steel, which cleans easily and is resistant to both grease stains and cooking stains. Its interior also has insulation for better heat regulation.

A box located on the side of the smoker features a digital display screen and buttons for setting the temperature and using the timer function. You add your wood pellets to the container on the top, and the smoker will slowly push those those pellets inside and turn the wood to smoke.

This smoker can work via an electrical outlet or a generator.

3. Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric

The Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker is smart for users and smart for their budgets because it’s one of the more affordable smokers available from Masterbuilt.

This 30-inch size has 721 square inches of internal cooking space and four chrome racks that clean easily and adjust to fit your ingredients. That chrome also helps your food slide off easily without sticking to the metal.

An 800-watt heating element inside maintains heat well and provides a consistent level of smoke at temperatures of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

A small handle on the side lets you pop open the wood chip storage area and add in more chips as needed without opening the front door and losing heat or smoke. The drip pan inside, which catches any liquids coming off your meat, comes out for easy cleaning too.

With its built-in meat probe, you can now keep an eye on the internal temperature of your meat without opening the door. This smoker also comes with a large viewing window on the front and a Bluetooth feature.

You can download the Masterbuilt app to your phone or another device to check on and use the smoker without actually being there.

4. Masterbuilt 20077116 4-Rack Digital Electric with Leg Kit Cover and Gloves

Not all smokers look exactly alike, and we think that you’ll love the bright green finish on this Masterbuilt 20077116 4-Rack Digital Electric Smoker with Leg Kit Cover and Gloves.

The legs lift the smoker up and add 10 inches to its total height, and the cover kit lets you tuck those legs out of sight. You’ll also get a pair of dependable gloves that are perfect for removing hot meats from inside without burning your hands.

An 800-watt heating element inside provides a maximum temperature setting of 275 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps you cook thicker or larger cuts faster without those cuts drying out. Masterbuilt also gives you a booklet with 25 new recipes you can try out in this smoker and a cover for protecting the smoker in between uses.

Weighing around 60 pounds, this smoker is fairly lightweight too.

Digital controls on the front make this electric smoker easy to use because you can literally set the timer and the heat, walk away and come back later to remove all your perfectly cooked food. Thanks to the four heavy-duty chrome shelves inside, you can cook up to 80 pounds of food at the same time.

Masterbuilt also gives you a remote control that works with all those settings.

5. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric

You might know the Char-Broil name for its line of barbecue grills, but the company entered the electric smoker market and is the manufacturer behind this Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker.

Suitable for those new to this field and those who have more cooking experience, this smoker comes with an LCD screen on the front and buttons around that screen that turn the smoker on, change the temperature and make changes to other settings. It also features a snap door that you can easily open and close.

The inside features a double-wall construction that acts like insulation to trap in the heat for more even cooking. A food thermometer inside is similar to a meat probe and lets you keep an eye on the temperature of the meat, but this thermometer also comes out for easy cleaning.

Thanks to the large clear window on the front, you can now see your meat as it cooks too.

With 725 square inches of cooking space and four adjustable shelves, this smoker can accommodate everything from a whole rib rack to a turkey. Even when filled with ingredients, you’ll still have room available for the grease tray, water pan and wood chip pan.

Char-Broil added a top handle and wheels to make transporting this smoker easy too.


6. Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS Digital Electric with Window

With digital controls on top and dependable little legs on the bottom, this 3616DEWS Digital Electric Smoker with Window from Smoke Hollow is perfect for home use.

The smoker comes with a viewing window that lets you see all areas of the 3.0 cubic feet of smoking space inside and a dependable locking mechanism that keeps the door from accidentally opening.

Top controls let you adjust the temperature, set the timer, turn the machine on and off or turn on the fast smoke setting that starts the smoking process quickly.

Instead of using a side compartment for wood chips, this smoker has a drawer that slides out from the bottom. Not only can you pour the wood chips into this drawer, but you can also access your water pan and adjust the drip tray. That drip tray catches any moisture and keeps that moisture from reaching your chips and reducing the smoke produced.

Each of the four chrome shelves inside adjust in different ways to give you more space for smoking large meat cuts or whole fishes, but you can also use all four shelves to smoke dozens of ingredients at the same time.

With a 1,500-watt heating element, you can now smoke all year round.


This Char The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill gives you a whole new way to smoke meats at home. Its Infrared technology works in the same way as other infrared cookers and slowly increases the temperature inside while using dry heat to cook meats.

This is the only model we found that you can use as a standard grill, a roaster and a smoker.

An included roasting basket holds chickens, turkeys and other meats, and the infrared technology will wrap the heat around that meat to cook it evenly and leave behind the crispy and brown skin that you want.

As it can accommodate up to 25 pounds of meat in roasting mode, it’s great for cooking around the holidays. You’ll also get a cooking area of 180 square inches when grilling.

Char-Broil gives you a smoking box that you can use with The Big Easy for smoking your own meats and other dishes. This box lets you add some wood chips or larger pieces of wood to impart big flavor in meats.

The manufacturer guarantees that this smoker, grill and roaster combo has a BTU output of up to 18,000.

Also from Masterbuilt is this 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, which ranks lower than other models from the manufacturer because this model lacks a viewing window on the front. It does, however, have the digital controls that are common with this brand, which let you quickly select the right temperature for your food and turn on the timer to tell the smoker when to shut down.

This model comes with an 800-watt heating element for better temperature control and 730 square inches of smoking space.

Make the most of that smoking space with the four adjustable shelves inside. Each shelf has an open design that allows juices, grease and even excess marinade to drip off the meat and fall into a drip pan that sits on the bottom and doesn’t take up any additional space inside the smoker.

You also get separate pans for adding water and wood chips.

An air damper on the top lets you add in more air to keep the smoke circulating inside or reduce the amount of air available, and you can add in more wood chips via the compartment on the side. This smoker has a temperature range of between 100 degrees and 275 degrees Fahrenheit.


Create all the dishes that your family craves, even if you aren’t at home, with this Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology.

That SmartChef technology works with the wireless internet signal in your home and lets you check in on the internal temperature, the temperature of your meat and even the cook time left from almost any device. You can even use this technology to set up notifications that the smoker will send to your phone or device.

The included smoke box lets you pour in your favorite type of wood chips and get more than six hours of smoke time from a single fill. Between the smoke power and SmartChef technology, this smoker lets you add in your meat, go to work and come home to find it cooked and waiting for you.

The snap lock on the door ensures that animals cannot get the door open.

Chrome shelves inside adjust to fit larger and smaller cuts of meat, but you can also remove those shelves for cleaning or when smoking larger items. Char-Broil also gives you a meat probe that you can stick right inside a cut to monitor the internal temperature of the meat as it cooks.


10. Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric

If you’re new to smoking and want something you can experiment with at home without spending a lot of money, you might like the Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker.

This smoker measures 30-inches tall but come with legs that add an extra eight inches to its height, and at 14-inches deep, it gives you all the convenient cooking space that you need.

Small notches on the inside walls make adjusting the three shelves as easy as popping those shelves out, lining the ends up with those notches and adding a little pressure to slide the shelves in place.

You’ll also get a fourth shelf that sits near the bottom to hold the porcelain-coated chip pan and the porcelain-coated water pan that provide the moisture and smoke that your dishes need, and you can add a drip pan or tray of your own to the bottom. A magnetic latch system on the front keeps the door firmly latched shut, and two side handles for moving the smoker.

With three temperature settings and a temperature dial on the door, you can easily watch and regulate the internal temperature.

The more traditional look and feel of this Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker helps it stand out from the pack.

Though it lacks the window area on the front that you might like, it does come with a double-wall construction inside that locks in the heat and ensures that meats, seafood and even poultry cook evenly and all the way through. It also comes with a temperature dial on the front door, though it lacks a meat probe.

With 505 square inches of cooking space inside, this smoker provides you with all the space that you need for rib racks and poultry as well as casserole dishes.

The chrome shelves inside keep your food from sticking and come out for cleaning. There are two smaller handles on either side of the smoker that help you move it, and as it weighs less than 50 pounds, you can move it without any extra help.

A 1,500-watt heating element inside reaches temperatures of above 275 degrees Fahrenheit, and short legs lift this smoker off the floor or ground to keep the heat off your surfaces.

Char-Broil gives you a water pan, a wood chip pane coated in durable porcelain and a drip tray that you can use inside.


Landmann USA makes it easy to smoke at your home with its 32948 Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker, which comes with a plug that fits in any standard outlet.

This model ranks lower because it comes with a more traditional temperature dial on the front that shows you the current temperature rather than one of the newer and more modern digital temperature dials. It does come with handles that stay cool though for moving the smoker while it’s still warm or hot.

The interior features four simple shelves, but the bottom shelf has an integrated design for use as your wood pan, water pan and grease tray.

As the water in the pan heats up, it produces steam that keeps meat juicy and tender, and the wood pan holds the wood chips that produce the steam you need. A grease tray on top catches any juices or grease that drip off your meat.

We like the four adjustable feet that come on the bottom of this little smoker, which has 431 square inches of smoking space inside, that you can adjust when using the speaker on uneven floors or the ground. This smoker has a temperature range of between 100 and 260 degrees Fahrenheit.



The Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker makes our list because it’s easy to use and comes with a bundle of accessories for making a range of dishes.

This smoker is unique because the entire front door actually comes off for loading the inside, and you can then set the door back on the front and uses the latches on either side to keep that door shut. It also comes with a recipe booklet that gives you some new ideas to try and a bag of wood chips for smoking.

An included drip pan, which slides into the bottom, is removable and safe for cleaning in your dishwasher. You also get four chrome shelves that completely slide out of the smoker for cleaning and a flavor fuel pan.

This pan lets you use different wood chips and fuel types to boost the flavor of your cooked meats.

While suitable for making beef jerky and other jerky types, this Smokehouse Products smoker won’t work well with larger cuts of meats because of its small size. As it reaches a maximum temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, it isn’t suitable for some types of meat either.

Many shoppers will love this Country Smokers 2 in 1 Electric Water Smoker because it functions as both an electric smoker and a grill.

A heating element on the bottom increases the temperature of the wood chips you add inside to produce smoke, and it comes with two racks that let you make different smoked items at the same time. You can lift off the top for adding meats to each rack, or you can use just the top rack to use this smoker as a grill.

When used as a smoker, this gives you 351 square inches of cooking space.

It comes with a temperature gauge on the front for checking on the internal temperature and wooden handles on the outside that are resistant to heat. Those handles let you open the lid for a visual check on your meat or move the smoker without injuring your hands.

Southern Country Smokers gives you a water pan that can hold more than five quarts of water or another liquid of your choosing, which keeps meats from drying out and makes your smoked meats juicier. Its bullet design also traps in that liquid and any smoke produced.

Masterbuilt also makes our list with its Electric Bullet Smoker, which has a great design that helps add more flavor to your meats.

This bullet design has a curved top that forces the rising steam and smoke back down and into your meat to keep those dishes juicy and to make each one more flavorful. It also comes with small legs that let you use this smoker right on the ground or on a table.

The included wood chip tray, which fits right in the bottom of the smoker, has a porcelain coating that keeps the wood and the smoke it produces from clinging to the bowl. A water bowl sits right next to the wood chip tray and lets you add water, fruit juice or a marinade to your smoked meats for extra flavor. You also get a drip pan that catches any moisture and keeps that liquid away from your wood.

You’ll find a handle and a temperature dial on the very top of the smoker, and handles on either side help you carry the smoker. Though this is a cheaper electric smoker, it comes with a 1,650-watt heating element that lets you reach a maximum temperature setting of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our Top Choice

Our Winner for Electric Smoke

With an app that gives you total control while on the go, it’s no wonder why the Smoke Hollow D4015B Tronix 40″ Digital with Bluetooth (Check Price on grabbed the top spot on our list of the best electric smokers. That app, which you can use on your phone or tablet, lets you check your food and adjust the settings as needed to smoke ingredients while away from your home. It also comes with a fast smoke setting that gets your wood smoking in just 15 minutes or less.

Those new to smoking will love how easily they can use the Tronix. It comes with digital controls on the top and a digital screen that shows you the time remaining as well as the temperature inside. There is even a simple drawer on the front for adding in more wood chips as needed and a slot for pouring in your water before or during the smoking process.